The rates paid for trades in the north and in the south aren’t as different as media headlines would suggest, says Steve Whitby

There’s one myth in the building trade which needs dispelling — if you’re building within the M25 corridor, don’t fear, you won’t be paying tradespeople almost double that paid elsewhere. With higher overheads, a plumberelectriciancarpenter or any other trade in this region is likely to charge more on an hourly or daily basis, but the ‘divide’ between north and south is not as wide as you may think.

Landlords in Shropshire have set up an online petition against local council proposals to introduce selective licensing. 

The Wrekin Landlords Association says Telford and Wrekin council’s scheme to licence private landlords in seven locations - at £160 a time - will raise £1.2m for the authority but will ultimately be paid by tenants because rents will have to increase as a result.

The prospect of Brexit choking off the supply of EU workers is reshaping Britain's homebuilding industry, with big companies increasingly looking to factory-manufacture houses in sections that can be slotted together on-site with minimal labour.

Many of Britain's leading housebuilders, including Berkeley, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon and Your Housing, told Reuters they were either planning new developments of prefabricated homes or considering doing so.

A new high-end student accommodation is nearing completion in Glasgow made from pre-manufactured steel boxes made and fitted out completely in China.

Called “True Glasgow West End”, the 592-room complex taking shape on a former industrial site by the River Clyde borrows both its branding approach and luxury standards from the hotel business.

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